How LR Moving & Deliveries Helped A Client Carefully Remove A Hot Tub

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At LR Moving & Deliveries, we are a residential and commercial moving company in London, Ontario, specializing in relocation services and loading/unloading of containers and trucks.

We also like to take on challenges and excel at solving clients’ problems. For example, sometimes homeowners have structures specifically built to install pianos and hot tubs but fail to consider the removal aspect of these oversized products. That’s when they call us. Please keep reading to learn how we helped a client carefully remove a hot tub.

The Challenge: The hot tub got fixed in a challenging position

A homeowner had found a buyer for his home, but the hot tub was a sticking point in the negotiations. The realtors agreed that the hot tub must get removed with minimal damage to the deck.

Since the current homeowner (seller) needed the hot tub removed to be able to sell his home without delay or avoid the risk of having money withheld by the buyer, they called us in to make it happen.

When we arrived at the site, we found a fifteen-year-old hot tub placed on a concrete pad with a deck and stairs built around the unit. On three sides of the tub, the deck got constructed at level with the top of the tub. Another critical observation was that it was fixed tight against the tub’s walls.

The fourth side was the hot tub’s control panel/pump section. It was accessible but was buried about one foot inside the lower deck, where the structure beam of the deck was three inches away from the wall of the tub on this section.

Since the deck was old and nailed down, there was no room to work or get equipment in and out of the area, so no guarantees could be made about the tub or deck when removing it. Therefore, the homeowner had a few tough decisions to make. 

The Solution: Used appropriate equipment

The homeowner agreed to let us cut a small portion of the deck to gain more access and remove the tub safely with minimal damage to the deck.

Before we started, we realized that we would face plenty of challenges along the way, which may need contingency planning. So to keep everyone relaxed and progress efficiently, we maintained honest communication with all parties involved. We also had to ensure our crew was safe throughout the process. 

Once everything was in place, we were granted permission from the realtors and lawyers to proceed with our plan while minimizing the damage to the area and the tub.

Making a section of the deck accessible would have saved us a lot of stress and time when the product had to get removed. However, when proceeding to cut the deck, we noticed all the structured beams of the deck were surrounding the tub. If any got cut, the deck would collapse and cause severe damage to the tub and deck.

As a result, cutting a small section of the deck was not an option anymore, and the tub had to get removed without damaging the tub or deck. The lawyers reminded us that it was part of the agreement for the sale of the property. So we regrouped and had to rethink our strategy.

Our new out-of-the-box solution:

  • The wall of the pump section was removed from the tub, gaining us a few centimeters on one side. 
  • We removed the board on the lower deck to add a few more centimeters on the same side.
  • We still didn’t have enough room to lift the tub, so we got under the deck to push the tub to the pump side. 
  • We split the space between the pump side and the behind part of the tub.
  • A Farmers Jack got placed under the shell of the tub to help lift the tub pump section.

Since we were dealing with a fifteen-year-old hot tub valued at $1,000 in a home ready to be sold at $1.5 million, we had to take calculated risks. We took the risk of scratching the tub on the lift as there was no room on the reverse side.

As the tub tilted, we stayed resolute and slowly kept lifting. The fiberglass walls on the tub were rubbing against the reverse side. So we went under the deck and slid the reverse side 1x4 to keep it a bit more level with the lift. We had to keep doing this until the tub cleared the one-foot gap to access the lower deck.

Once we reached the lower deck, 1x4 got placed under the tub and on the top of the lower deck. It enabled us to push from underneath to place the tub on the lower deck. 

Finally, we blew a huge sigh of relief as we managed to release the hot tub. Thankfully, the fiberglass walls on the tub were solid, and even under pressure, they didn’t get scratched or broken. From there, it was business as usual for the removal. 

The Bottom Line

There was no damage to the tub or deck, and everyone was happy. Typically, a job like this one with better access would take only an hour to complete. However, It took us three hours to achieve, as every small maneuver and adjustment had to be precise, and the risk had to get re-assessed after each lift. 

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